Growth Solutions: Research & Analysis

Our analysis takes a 360 degree customer, stakeholder, supplier and market view using innovative qualitative and proven quantitative methodologies.

Services Examples of Our Work
Customer and stakeholder research
  • Explored stakeholder needs and challenges for a leading drug manufacturer
  • Researched consumer needs for a variety of leading consumer products
Market segmentation and sizing
  • Performed an industry segmentation study for a leading electronics manufacturer
  • Determined the market potential for a new software product
Competitive intelligence and assessment
  • Tracked the pricing, functionality and marketing of an ISP versus its key competitors
  • Performed a SWOT analysis on different Canadian retailers
Pricing and revenue analysis
  • Performed conjoint pricing analysis for a consumer product
  • Developed a yield management methodology for a leading, NY-based theater company
  • Undertook stakeholder research to explore synergies between hospitals and industry
  • Facilitated disruptive ideation sessions for a leading reseller

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