Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Quanta supports private equity, venture capital and individual companies on important transactions. We combine fact-based research, extensive operating experience and a rapid deployment approach to minimize post transaction risk while maximizing potential synergies and savings.

Our services include: Opportunity identification and assessment
  • Do certain companies and markets offer significant returns with minimal risk?
  • What is the best M&A strategy to grow beyond our core or defend against possible threats?
  • Is there potential to create a cross-company platform that we can leverage for higher profitability?

Strategic due diligence
  • What is the customer, partner and channel risk of a transaction?
  • What synergies or cost savings are possible, and importantly, likely?
  • Are there management, cultural or organizational design concerns?

Post merger rationalization & synergies
  • How do we rationalize brands, channels and the supply chain?
  • What is the best means of insuring post merger integration?
  • How do we position the new entity internally and externally?