Organizational optimization

Quanta helps organizations tightly link their structure, process and people to the corporate strategy, brand and value proposition, improving execution capabilities, customer focus and operational agility.

Our work addresses each organization's key strategic and operational drivers:

Examples of our work:
  • Designed a new product management system for a financial services institution

  • Developed a industry-centric structure (business development and marketing) model for a global software company

  • Implemented a new strategic planning and internal alignment system for a software company

  • Developed a telemarketing and sales organization for a leading distributor

  • Implemented a new brand management structure in a cosmetics company following a hostile takeover

  • Is the current leadership, employee and knowledge pool sufficient to deliver our goals?
  • What is the relationship between objectives, reward systems and behaviors?
  • Are we recruiting the right people for the right roles?

Culture & Values
  • Are our current strategies and goals at odds with the existing culture?
  • Can our culture support the quest for breakthrough innovation and growth?
  • What existing cultural traits can we further leverage for improved performance?

Formal Process
  • Are there well understood roles & responsibilities and clear paths for decision making?
  • Do our processes balance speed of decision making and execution with reduced risk?
  • Is the organization maximizing information sharing, accountability and external input?

Formal Structure
  • Is the current structure congruent with corporate goals and strategies?
  • Does the structure reflect the location of business value?
  • How do you break down silos to promote sharing and responsiveness yet maintain sufficient accountability and alignment?