Case Studies: Growth Solutions

Case Study 1Develop a business plan for a new transaction platform for the ticketing industry

The situation
A leading North American ticketing firm wanted to disrupt its industry by building a new online exchange that could be used by all industry participants including fans, performers promoters and corporate clients. While the Client's core competency was in ticketing sourcing and distribution, they were not experienced in technology, finance and marketing. The market window for an exchange was short as established firms were considering their own models. Quanta was engaged to quickly help develop a new business model and plan that could be used to raise equity financing, secure key ticketing & technology partners and attract management talent.

What we did
Market & customer analysis, technology planning, financing & pricing strategy, operations
  • Estimated total market and industry size by venue, performer/team and event
  • Undertook a buyer, supplier and reseller analysis to understand the value proposition and barriers to usage
  • Performed a SWOT analysis on current and potential competitors
  • Developed the revenue model and financing strategy
  • Developed go-to-market and operational plans
  • Identified, vetted and helped negotiate with strategic ticketing partners throughout North America and Europe
The business plan and ongoing advisory services helped the firm raise equity and debt financing as well as supporting the closing of new ticket supply relationships with 5 global partners.

Case Study 2Market assessment and go-to-market planning for a new software product

The situation
A leading Canadian B2B software vendor wanted to expand beyond its core product market with a new open source offering. Since new market space was being created, the Client was challenged to define the: market size, segments, early adopters and potential competitors. We were engaged to determine the market potential, map the ecosystem and then recommend a marketing launch strategy.

What we did
Market & customer analysis, marketing planning, performance enhancement
  • Estimated total market sizing, by segment
  • Undertook buyer and user analysis including 20+ prospect and partner interviews
  • Performed SWOT analysis on current and potential competitors
  • Benchmarked product against substitutes and alternatives
  • Developed go-to-market plans
  • Supported external business development and internal project management efforts
The product was launched on time securing first mover advantage and coveted exclusive channel relationships. First year results exceeded revenue and profit targets by over 50%

Case Study 3Needs analysis for a leading US pharmaceutical company

The situation
This leading pharmaceutical company was watching its diabetes therapy leadership ebb away due to increased competition and la ack of differentiation. The Company wanted to explore a more comprehensive treatment model that would outflank competition and build new barriers to entry. We were engaged to research user and stakeholder needs by geography and then to recommend some areas of the treatment continuum where the Company could be disruptive.

What we did
Stakeholder research, strategy development, innovation facilitation
  • Undertook extensive patient, family, physician, and nurse research in the US, Germany and France to uncover hidden compliance and needs around diabetes treatment regimen
  • Utilized anthropology and behavioral psychology to understand the role and perception of diet, obesity, family and culture on diabetes and its management
  • Reviewed and analyzed current competitive offerings
  • Facilitated multi-functional breakout sessions to generate breakthrough ideas
Our research enabled the client to better understand Diabetes management from a 360 degree perspective. Furthermore, the client was better able to tailor its patient's treatment as well as physician support and marketing to reflect cultural sensitivities and treatment life cycle considerations. A number of country-specific business model recommendations were made that addressed stakeholder needs and also differentiated the firm.

Case Study 4Strategic pricing analysis and marketing planning for a US theater company

The situation
The client produces one of the longest-running plays in New York City. Over the past 2 years, profitability has been slowly eroding due to falling attendance and an over-reliance on discounting. The client did not have the analytical tools to understand their business and make the appropriate marketing decisions. We were engaged to analyze the pricing plan and understand its link to key measures and promotions. Furthermore, we were to explore the potential for utilizing yield management methodologies.

What we did
Pricing and revenue analysis, marketing, coaching & advisory
  • Reviewed post 9/11 pricing, advance, channel and attendance data to understand 'current state'
  • Performed regression analysis to identify leading indicators
  • Estimated the elasticity of demand to understand price and promotion plan risk
  • Research potential yield management tools
  • Provided ongoing counsel on marketing including marketing planning, segmentation and messaging

The results
We highlighted the opportunity cost and strategic shortcomings of the existing pricing and promotion plan, enabling the client to raise its pricing and tweak its plans. Furthermore, our findings identified a predictive leading indicator as well as other metrics that are now being used for advanced pricing, demand and promotion analysis as well as marketing planning. These learnings, including a recommend tracking 'dashboard' have formed the basis for a new software-based yield management tool currently under consideration

Case Study 5Create and implement a new consumer promotion program for a Canadian B2C financial institution

The situation
Our client is a market leader in the highly competitive North American secondary banking sector. They wanted to improve retention by strategically differentiating their company through value-added customer promotion. However, any program had to be measurable with a clearly defined ROI. We were engaged to create a new consumer promotion plan while working closely with their advertising agency on brand development and messaging

What we did
Marketing strategy, consumer research, metrics creation, program implementation, coaching & advisory
  • Analyzed consumer research for key insights and local and ethnic market differences
  • Reviewed industry and internal best practices
  • Developed the promotion strategy, program, financial and business metrics
  • Designed and helped implement a pilot test, later evaluating for effectiveness
  • Assisted with the development of next year's marketing plan
The pilot test exceeded its business goals by a factor of two while paying out within 12 months. The client will be rolling out the program throughout the United States in the next fiscal year. They also implemented the Net Promoter Scores as well as brand image tracking as key measurement tools.

Case Study 6Develop a new sales & marketing plan for a B2B services company

The situation
A leading Canadian firm wanted to penetrate a lucrative yet challenging market segment which hitherto was dominated by two similar size competitors. Although the firm had strong market share, it was not perceived by the segment to have the capabilities and fortitude to service much larger, more sophisticated accounts. Importantly, the firm did not want to "buy the business" through aggressive discounting nor run the risk of compromising retention by ignoring its core customer base. Quanta was engaged to help develop a new sales and marketing plan that could: refine the firmís brand image for the target accounts; define a more relevant value proposition and service model and; tailor the sales strategy by account.

What we did
Market & client analysis, product and support delivery, pricing and revenue modeling, strategy development
  • Estimated total segment size by revenue, profit and customer number
  • Undertook a buyer and user analysis to create a compelling and relevant value proposition for target accounts
  • Performed a SWOT analysis on current and potential competitors, including modeling anticipated reactions
  • Developed the revenue model, product delivery and support strategy
  • Created the go-to-market sales and marketing plan
Our recommendations became the foundation of a segment-focused sales and marketing plan that is currently being implemented with our assistance.

Case Study 7Synthesize and prioritize IT innovations for a hospital

The situation
A world class Ontario hospital is a hotbed for healthcare IT innovation including new tools, applications and databases. Senior management believed some of these innovations could be commercialized in order to generate revenues, improve patient outcomes, and foster productivity improvements. The challenge was to gather, analyze and evaluate each innovation within a very large and complex organization whose mandate and culture does not resemble a for-profit enterprise. Quanta was engaged to review, synthesize and prioritize available innovations for potential funding and partnership acceleration.

What we did
Technology due diligence, revenue modeling, market & customer analysis, benchmarking, business development strategy
  • Reviewed other hospital technology transfer models
  • Conducted 25+ interviews with innovation leaders
  • Inventoried and defined the innovations within an agreed commercial and technology framework
  • Created an evaluation methodology to analyze and rank the innovations
  • Performed a market scan to identify potential commercialization partners
  • Recommended a number innovations based on the best reward/risk profile
The hospital will be moving forward on commercializing a number of our recommended innovations, including securing additional funding, resources and partners.
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