Our Ethos

These are values we believe in and which define our work:

  1. Honesty and integrity underscore everything we do

  2. The journey is as important as the destination

  3. It's ok to have fun

  4. Plain speaking is preferred over consultant-speak

  5. Listening is more important than speaking

  6. We always strive to improve
The QUANTA Difference

Quanta is different from most other consultancies. We offer...

Superior Value

  • We are less expensive than other players while providing similar or better-quality work
  • Our deliverables often include knowledge and analytical tools transfer

Implementation-ready recommendations

  • Our strategies are crafted for rapid and achievable deployment with strong stakeholder buy-in
  • Our consultants have wide-ranging executional and change management experience in a variety of industries

Cutting edge thinking and analytics

  • Our work incorporates the latest in management theory, cross-industry best practices and multi-disciplinary learning in areas like psychology and mathematics, customized for each organization
  • Our fact-based approach utilizes a variety of analytical methodologies and tools to crack tough problems, identify breakthrough insights and generate innovative solutions.

A passionate, humble and collaborative style

  • No big egos, 'death by PowerPoint' or consulting-speak is allowed
  • We are passionate for our client's success